There is no special club for beginners. However, there are clubs that are best fitted for beginners. It is beyond reasonable doubt that golf is the most admired game in the world. However, due to the high cost associated with the game, its equipment is not easily accessible. Her playing gears can only be found in sporting houses. The most confusing part of buying the playing gears is buying the club. All the club are almost similar in appearance. The difference is in the materials and the weight of the clubs. These aspects are not easily noticed. It is easy to end up with a club you would not wish to play with. Sellers may take advantage of a beginner and sell to him a poor quality club. Which is an ideal club for a beginner?

Shaft flex

2A club is designed to bend in whenever there is a pull of the weight. The deflection may differ from one type of club to another. Flex is the extent or the measure to much a club can bend when a force is applied to the face of the club. Some clubs will allow more deflection. Others are stiff are will not allow much deflection. Having in mind the different components of a club, you would notice the shaft component is responsible for this deflection. Like any other shaft, the club’s shaft should not be rigid. The best clubs are those with high shaft flex. There is some science to explain this. Energy can be stored. Energy can be transformed from one form to another. Energy is used to propel the ball towards the hole. This energy can be stored in a club when it is adjusted in various ways. A bent shaft (one that has high shaft flex) stores energy when it is bent. Less energy is required to propel the ball than a straight shaft.

Material and size of the sole

3The sole is the part of the club that gets into contact with the ball. This is, therefore, the most important part of the club. Propelling of the ball will be easier if the sole is the right size and material. The material of the sole should be made of a material that: do not store heat and stiff enough to withstand the vibration emanating from the kicking of the ball. An ideal material is a steel. Steel is hard enough. It is relatively heavy and thus lowers the position of the center of gravity. The size of the sole should be large. A large sole area gives more surface for the ball to be knocked. A largely sized sole allows the player to use the very lower side of the stick to propel the ball for that really long distance.

A club with a lower center of gravity is the most ideal for a beginner. A low center of gravity increases the stability of the club. An even weight distributed perimeter club is the best for beginners. Besides a club having a low center of gravity, perimeter weighted club is more stable. It increases the accuracy of the shot and gives you that forgiving shot. For more info, check, to learn more.

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