Modern humans are conditioned to spend hours without any physical activities. As a result, we are all more vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases than our ancestors. Dr. James Levine, during his interview with the Los Angeles Times, even coined the term, “Sitting is the new smoking.” As a medical practitioner, he has witnessed how a sedentary lifestyle can harm our bodies.

However, it will be eccentric if we suddenly work while standing behind our office’s desk, although some big companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook have already applied the concept. And luckily, you can still compensate the health damage from prolonged sitting.

Make Indoor Cardio Possible

Not all people can afford outdoor sports. Most office workers will get home at evening. And not all places are safe for night joggers or bikers. In that case, you can buy an exercise bike or a treadmill. If you are more interested in having a static bike, you can try Schwinn recumbent bikes. But first, read their reviews and study their specs. If you prefer a treadmill, you can buy a NordicTrack Commercial 1750. It has a built-in coaching program that can help you to improve your cardio endurance step-by-step correctly.

Buy a Mattress

A mattress possesses benefits more than it seems. And if you think only yoga practitioners can use a mattress, then you are not well informed. You can do body-weight training, pilates, and breathing exercises.

A simple plank, if practiced every day, can strengthen the core and prevent our back from misalignment. Do not take back pain for granted. In the late stage, back pain may lead to HNP (Herniated Nucleus Pulposus). It is a health condition where the nerves in the backbone are protruding from the vertebral column.

Make Intervals

If standing is not possible during your work, you can set a timer and do a standing interval in every 3 or 4 hours. Three minutes of stretching can mean a lot for your body. It can fix your body’s blood circulation and boost the metabolism.

Also, during the lunch break, it will be better for you to spend the time to stand on your feet. Try to walk around the office or climb the stairs. Explain to your supervisor that your behavior is meant to maintain your health. Bring changes to your office by showing your colleagues the scientific explanation of how harmful prolonged sitting can be. Without any support from the surrounding people, it would be difficult for us to shift from a sedentary lifestyle to the more active one.

Three Ideas to Fix a Sedentary Lifestyle
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